Tips for Managing Temporary Employees

You have loads of work in the coming week and your employees bail out at the last moment. Running nose, dry cough, they have all sorts of excuse to call in sick. In this situation, you have no other way out but to hire temporary staffs. Temporary staffs help you whenever you need extra help to deal with a seasonal rush or to cover for employees who are on vacation or medical leave. However, as easy as it may sound but managing temporary staffs is not easy. If you are not able to manage temporary staff then you won’t ever be able to reap the benefits of the staffing relationship. Here are a few quick tips that will help you manage your temporary staff and gain maximum benefits.


In order to hire the right employee, you must contact the right staffing agency. Most of the agencies claim to provide you best of the lot but it never looks as it seems. The quality of staff differs from one agency to another. Consequently, run a thorough background check on the agency. Take note of the number of years they have worked in that particular industry. Further, to maintain coordination with your temporary workers, you will first have to maintain coordination with the agency as they handle all employee details such as past experience records and other paperwork. A good agency will always understand your staffing needs and will try their best to meet them.


Set your expectations clear beforehand, talk to the agency and tell them your requirements. Setting your expectations clear will enable temporary workers to fulfill them easily. In addition to this, keep your core staff member aware of these temporary staffs, so that in the time of crisis or any problem they can jump in and help them clear required tasks. This will keep productivity strong.


Temporary staffs are usually trained. However, your company is a new place for them, your line of communication and technology can be different from where they have worked before. It is always advisable to offer new hire training to show them the basics. You can yourself mentor them or select mentors who will help them guide through their daily work. This will also acquaint them with office processes and policies.


Treat them like you treat your core staffs. No matter if they are temporary or permanent, treating them well is of prime importance. You must acknowledge their labor. You should provide them with equal opportunities like letting them use the canteen and breakroom. Further, make efforts to know their name. This will enable a positive working environment which will create a high level of productivity.

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